Flowering Rush is still a huge issue for the Lake and the West end of the lake seems to be bearing the brunt of the infestation.

Please make yourself and neighbors aware of what the plant looks like - see the photos and description in our Lake Flora section - and report any new breakouts of the plant.

2018 - June

Cost of weed harvesting from around docks/piers have gone up this year to $245.00 per hour, plus $10.00 for LIAMS membership. Last year we received approval for 5 years - 2018-2022, we can expect to see the harvester on the lake beginning July 1st.

2018 - July

Here is the latest update from Alberta Environment & Parks.

As auto redirect is not working, please copy and paste the following links, into your browser window, to read each of the three (3) PDF files.

Map of Lake Isle showing affected areas to be treated in 2018.

External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://lakeisle-aquaticmanagementsociety.ca/2018_Treatment_SW.pdf

Quick Fact Sheet with description of Flowering Rush.

External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://lakeisle-aquaticmanagementsociety.ca/AIS_Quickfact-Cards_Flowering-Rush_4,25x9_DFO-Logo_Feb-20_2018.pdf

Public notice letter regarding Herbicide application.

External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://lakeisle-aquaticmanagementsociety.ca/Lake_Isle_Public_Notice_2018.pdf


Fees for lake vegetation clearing around docks/piers is $250.00 including GST, plus $10.00 annual LIAMS membership dues.